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About Us

Windsor Textiles Limited (Wintex) was established in 1943 manufacturing cotton truck tarps for local manufacturers. Through the war years, Wintex developed into a cut & sew glove operation and we have been effectively manufacturing, developing and importing gloves ever since. Wintex has grown significantly over the past 65 years and successfully developed a reputation for outstanding quality and dedicated customer service. Wintex also expanded its manufacturing from cut & sew to include knitting of many different materials, including establishing itself as a quality licensed manufacturer for DuPont aramid fiber called Kevlar. As well, we produce various specialty gloves for specific requirements, such as our low lint and lint free gloves for fiber sensitive applications. Wintex also manufactures and promotes Spectra and other highly specialized cut resistant yarns.

Through strategic partnerships, we have also secured various proprietary yarns such as the highly effective RHINO brand, cut resistant steel core yarns. Throughout this growth, the main focus of the business has been SAFETY and SERVICE. Wintex has become a global manufacturer and master distributor of a full line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It’s estimated that 100,000 workers are protected by our products every day.Our main goal is to be, “Committed to Safety, Committed to People”. To this end we have continued to aggressively pursue training and development of programs to promote safety in the work place. We have recently established a Service division that includes on site training for our product lines as well as provide First Aid and other Safety certification to address the full safety needs of industry.

In the future we hope to maintain our focus on continuous improvement in our field. We are ISO certified and remain steadfast to the principles within this process. Internal and external processes are continuously reviewed for improvement and efficiency. Our goal is to become the industry leader in providing full and comprehensive solutions to the safety needs of our customers. Our record of consistency of product and service has allowed us to maintain a significant list of high profile OEMG’s and distributors. We at Wintex look forward to sharing our experience with you and demonstrating directly our commitment to people and their safety.